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Job Description: Data Engineer

- Aniruddha Pimpalkhare

Job Description: Data Engineer

About Fair Share IT Services:

Fair Share is a team of 27 consisting 18 IT professionals and 9 Japanese language experts.

Skill Set & Responsibilities:


  • experience with data pipelining
  • familiarity with either dask or spark
  • DO/cloud experience
  • airflow or argo experience
  • nlp/semi-structured data experience
  • MySQL experience
  • postgres/mysql experience
  • object storage experience (e.g. S3, other object storage)
  • hive+glue+spark+athena stack experience a plus (but not necessary)
  • experience with the google APIs for gmail, calendar, drive, etc. a plus
  • knowledge of gRPC a plus (but not necessary)
  • deploying applications to the cloud
  • dash/shiny applications


  • Linux command line
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Github
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • SSH/Telnet tools

Date: 30-June-2021

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